Modus Suisse

Why you should choose modus suisse for your next IT project

More than 50% of IT projects fail. When they do succeed, on average they are 183% over budget. In their seminal paper[1]The Chaos Report, the Standish Group set out the reasons why IT projects fail, and succeed. (See tables below)

At modus suisse, our projects are on time, within budget and are successful. The Standish report gives a very clear appreciation of why we are so effective at meeting our clients objectives.

Firstly, if senior management is not on board, neither are we.

We will not quote on a project unless there is a very clear specification. To have a clear specification requires clear objective, and to have those, requires user participation. 

Many SMEs do not have the expertise to put together a specification at the level that will ensure a successful IT project, and that’s where our depth of expertise comes to the fore. We have that knowledge and experience, and we will work with the client to create a specification that meets the standards for success.

We have worked with large corporations and government agencies, and even they have shown an appreciation for the depth of expertise we are able to bring to the table.

We operate according to strict project management procedures, which creates clear expectations for the client as the project progresses.

And with your success, comes ours.

We look forward to working with you on your next IT project, making sure that it’s one of the rare few (in the industry, not for us) that succeeds, on time, and within budget.

Project failure factors

Project failure factors% age
Lack of user input12.8
Incomplete requirements & specifications12.3
Changing requirements & specifications11.8
Lack of executive support7.5
Technology incompetence7.0
Lack of resources6.4
Unrealistic expectations5.9
Unrealistic time frames4.3
New technology3.7

IT Project Success Factors

Project success factors% age
User involvement15.9
Executive management support13.9
Clear statement of requirements13.0
Realistic expectations8.2
Smaller project milestones7.2
Competent staff7.2
Clear vision & objectives2.9
Hard-working, focused staff2.4