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As the top Flutter app development company in Switzerland, we build unparalleled and awe-inspiring cross-platform applications using Flutter, the most popular development framework.

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Flutter App Development Company in Switzerland

While native app development has its own benefits, for those who want to get the most of both worlds with Android and iOS, Flutter is recognized as the best development framework to build super-fast and super-smooth apps with single code and double implementation.

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, Modus Suisse has bolstered client businesses helping them achieve the apex of development success. Our developmental paradigm is extremely focussed rewarding us with unmatched kudos for our talented team of

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Above all, we create impressive and unforgettable cross-platform apps that are favourites for our clients and their users. The range of our Flutter app development services includes:


Designing UI/UX


Front-end and back-end development


Migration and support


Development using Dart


Testing and consultation

Why Choose Flutter App Development?

Flutter is Google’s revolutionary framework that allows us to build cross-platform apps using a single code base and still possible to achieve the same delivery and efficiency across all mobile platforms.

Flutter simplifies development enabling the  fusion of quality and usability. Applications built with Flutter enjoy numerous advantages over other frameworks, scaling up the entire development process.

Developed by Google, the Dart programming language is the foundation of the Flutter SDK. It has overtaken JavaScript in enabling Dart-based apps to run on the server directly. However, for browsers, it requires translation to JavaScript using the Dart2js compiler.

To harness all these features, look to the industry’s best Flutter application development company: Modus Suisse.

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Flutter App Developers For Hire

We exploit the power of fast-growing technologies to build applications that ensures a WOW factor. At Modus Suisse, you can be assured that the best industrial practices are employed for your project by our expert developers. We understand your working requirements and granting flexibility to hire dedicated Flutter developers at your convenience.

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The development process at Modus Suisse


Requirement analysis

Research is the stepping stone to a successful project. At this stage, we understand your business process to be able to create solutions that enhance every touchpoint. We investigate, consult and envisage the initial product.

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App design and wireframe

Based on the accumulated data, we design wireframe proposals of the desired application so that you can visualize the final product. We present the system architecture, UI/UX, and prototype mode of the app at this stage.


Coding the application

After receiving approval on the proposed wireframe, we started to develop the application. We undertake the functional implementation, coding, and application optimization at the third stage of the development process.


Testing and problem-solving

Quality is non-negotiable at Modus Suisse. We assure friction-free technology development by conducting extensive quality checks, testing, troubleshooting, seamless navigation, and effectiveness of UI/UX.

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Deployment and maintenance

We are the most excited at this stage as the product comes to life! Ongoing updates of the developed application follow the beta launch, final deployment, training, performance evaluation, monitoring, and feedback.

Our advocates

Modus Suisse was an excellent brainstorming as well as an execution partner. We collaborated well together as a squad. They respond to difficulties, and they are apt to adapt and evolve.

- Levi Geber

They are the best Flutter mobile application development company in our working experience. They can work under pressure with the same efficiency.

- Noah Roth

Our cross-platform application development for mobile and web skyrocketed with Modus Suisse. It is well-loved by our users and millions of downloads

- Lys Graf

Frequently Asked Questions

Google introduced Flutter, a cross-platform mobile development framework, in 2017. Since then, it has gone mainstream by programmers and businesses searching for ways to cut down on the time and cost of developing mobile apps.

It’s a cross-platform app development toolkit that competes with Facebook’s React Native, which was released in 2015. Although they differ in terms of language and app design, the overall goal is to make developing apps for various platforms simpler and with minimal platform dependent code.

Although both React Native and Flutter have the same purpose, they are distinct in their benefits and features. Flutter leads with an extensive range of high-performance widgets. Industry experts consider Flutter to be the next-gen platform for mobile app development.

As a Flutter development agency we employ these enhanced capabilities for your benefit.

We provide a variety of recruiting models that match your specific business requirements, each setting the level of collaboration between your team and ours.

Some of the primary advantages of outsourcing your Flutter App development are:

  • Operating and development costs are low
  • Working hours can be adjusted to suit your needs
  • Experienced programmers are available
  • Time to market is shorter
  • High quality is guaranteed
  • Technology is state-of-the-art
  • Comprehensive knowledge of across platforms

There is no simple answer to this question, as it is dependent on the detail of the requirements, including APIs, integration with other platforms, feature requirements and technical complexity. Please contact us with your requirements to obtain an app development quote.