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Modus Suisse is Swiss

Innovating for improvement

We believe “Change is the only constant”, and that change is the core of progress and evolution. 

Modus Suisse is Switzerland’s own web and mobile app development company creating futuristic solutions that optimize businesses with innovate technologies that improve peoples lives.
To date we have made a noticeable impact with technology in healthcare, insurance, finance, manufacturing, education, real estate, elections, biometrics using novel algorithms, artificial intelligence and big data.

Powering your business with data-driven solutions, we help you meet challenges and realize your corporate goals.

Our vision is your success.

Your success is our success. We share a passion to create change with the intelligent use of technology. 

As an innovation partner, we unleash the full potential of your business and that of our team working towards a unified goal. Modus Suisse supports its clients in the ever-changing business landscape with a collaborative approach.

We envision an extensive global outreach to achieve the technological transformation of businesses across the globe.

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Our values

Fair costs

Technology is for everyone, SMEs, large enterprises and business giants. We emphasize transparent and fair costs for all our services, without compromising commitment. Our determination is to add value so that we thrive on making every cent count.


We are firmly rooted in the Swiss culture. Integrity is at our core. Everyone at Modus Suisse shares these fundamental values. These translate into culture where our customers' desires drive everything we do.


We recognize the value of your data, and with that security and confidentiality are paramount. With Modus Suisse, you can be confident that the security of your business information is assured. We live and breath the intrinsic security protocols, access restrictions, authorization to protect sensitive data.


Businesses need flexible solutions. Our developers, project managers, analysts, and executives work for you to meet your requirements and expectations. With Modus Suisse, you can outsource your project to us, or hire our experts to work hand in hand with you to fulfil your system development goals.


Our decades of experience and expertise provides the capacity to exceed our  clients' expectations. Our commitment is to quality, accuracy, effectiveness and ongoing support for all the solutions that we develop for you and with you. Your satisfaction is our primary priority.


At Modus Suisse, mediocracy is not an option. We strive for excellence in everything we do, big, small and everything in between. We are constantly seek improvement and looking to perfect every element. Close cooperation between coworkers drives excellence and offers our team with a progressive environment with custom career paths that allows them to explore their latent capabilities, to the clients' benefit.

We innovate, invigorate and envisage a future of technology that brings people closer.

In the words of Bill Gates, “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” Together, let us create the most seamless solutions of tomorrow.
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Meet our Technoids

Shivani Sr Backend Developer in Modus Suisse

Shivani Vakil

Lead Backend Developer


Ashish Sojitra

Sr WordPress Developer


Paresh Patel

Android Developer


Jaydip Kapadiya

IOS Developer

Hitesh Developer at Modus-suisse

Hitesh Rajpurohit

Front-end & WordPress Developer

Seema WordPress Developer in Modus Suisse

Seema Halani

WordPress Developer

Kanaiyalal Bhadani

Kanaiyalal Bhadani

Full Stack Developer

Joyal Shah

Joyal Shah

Full Stack Developer

Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel

Lead Android Developer

Viral Chauhan

Viral Chauhan

Android Developer

Bhavika Kanani

Bhavika Kanani

Lead Machine Learning Developer

Arpita Panchal

Arpita Panchal

WordPress Developer

Dhaval Naphade

Dhaval Naphade

Fullstack Developer