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Top 8 Tips For eCommerce Website That Can Boost Your Sales

The undeniable goal of any eCommerce website is sales!

But given that there are up to 24 million eCommerce websites on the web, the competition is cutthroat. Just putting up products and descriptions is not enough. It would be best if you had a considerable investment, a roadmap and a good eCommerce website development company to keep from twiddling your thumbs before you start selling.

While we are just a call away, this blog will help you understand what you need for an effective eCommerce website. So read eight tips to make or convert your eCommerce site in a lead conversion machine.

8 Tips For eCommerce Website That Can Boost Your Sales

Focus on search-optimized content

Sales occur when there are prospects, and prospects are a small percentage of the visitors coming to your website. Now, the greater the volume of visitors, the better the percentage of prospects followed by conversions.

In order to attract visitors to your eCommerce platform, you need the win the game of content. Not just that, it needs to be search optimized so that it is effective for visitors: consumers and search bots.

The are various types of content that may help you achieve it. Thoughtfully produced content such as blogs and articles to be posted on your website as well as other publishing platforms to divert traffic to your website.

Lastly, you also need to carefully integrate keywords in your web pages so that online shoppers can find your products.

Product reviews and testimonials

Another way is to leverage user-generated content, i.e., customer product reviews. It dramatically helps rank higher in SERPs, consequently impacting traffic and conversions.

Note that Google algorithms are much more advanced, and their latest product review update stresses genuine reviews. If your product reviews are not from verified sources or are fake, there are high chances for your eCommerce site to fall from its ranking positions.

Having said that, note that a few negative reviews are no harm. In a way, they show the authenticity of positive reviews, so you need not stress about them, but empathetically reverting them is essential for your brand image.

Enhance sales with product recommendations

As an artificial intelligence development company blending technology and eCommerce for the better, we cannot think of a better example than Amazon when discussing product recommendations. However, it has been largely adopted by many renowned eCommerce brands and food chains we know.

It in itself is a product of deep learning and machine learning algorithms that are fed with your historical consumer data. It is trained to comprehend user patterns and behaviours to make appropriate recommendations that we often see as “suggested” or “you may also be interested in”. As a result, your billing amounts are enhanced, and you successfully deliver pleasant shopping experiences that help retain your buyers.

Chatbot support

The advent of AI-based technologies has further coined a new term called conversational commerce. Virtual assistants like chatbots play a vital role in improving conversions in eCommerce by communicating with your visitors.

Often consumers are confused while purchasing a product. Chatbot support helps them get answers instantly to their concerns and move to checkouts quickly. It also helps you increase the cart value and ensure revisits by them. Upon observing its positive impact on eCommerce business, we strongly suggest chatbot development for clients availing of our eCommerce website development services.

Dynamic pricing

Gone are the day, we business owners or management would manually update the pricing. Technology has automated this mundane task such that it is now dynamic.

The system can predict the demand well, and the pricing is updated in real-time to help eCommerce owners increase product profitability. It also helps overcome the pressure of selling at competitive prices as the tools your deploy dynamically adjusts cost based on consumer behaviour.

Quality product images

It is not new. Quality product photos have remained on the essential sales factors list ever, and you cannot ignore them. It would be best if you got as close as possible to the actual product for your customer to trust you digitally. Poor photo quality leads to colour differences between what people see online and what they receive, resulting in negative reviews and product returns. You don’t want that, do you?

To cut it short, using HD-quality photos, product videos, and 3D product renders can do even better in increasing sales. Being an experienced eCommerce development agency, we say it is an investment worth making.

An up-to-date eCommerce platform

If you wish to go big, you need to consider developing your online store on an advanced eCommerce platform that enables automated marketing, integration with CRM, ERPs, inventory management systems, social platforms and more.

Each of these plays a fundamental role in the operation of your eCommerce business. After all, you need to manage the stock in relation to demand, promote your products on different platforms and ensure excellent customer service to your customers. All of this can be done when your eCommerce site is developed with advanced frameworks.

Let them pay how they like

Payment gateways lay significant development costs, but how can there be sales without one?

Cards, net banking, UPI, EMIs and whatnot! Payment alternatives are many, and you need to provide maximum alternatives or end up with shopping cart abandonments followed by additional costs in retargeted marketing. You may even facilitate consumers to create an eWallet with your brand where they can gain additional benefits. That way, they remain loyal to the brand for longer.


Sales are challenging in the competitive digital world, but with technology, it’s less laborious when you have the right technology partner. As a web development company in Switzerland, we have helped numerous businesses build lucrative eCommerce platforms based on detailed requirement analysis, strategies and precise development for effective deployment. If we have resolved your queries by now, we can proceed to discuss your project, or you may give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help!