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React JS vs Vue JS: Front end development framework

The place where the user interacts is the front end of your web application. A good front end is an outcome of the choice of an ideal development framework.

Today, we will talk about the two best front-end frameworks: React JS and Vue JS. Both are JavaScript’s component-based front-end frameworks allowing complete flexibility to design impressive UI.

As a leading Vue JS and React JS development company, we have broken down key differences based on multiple factors to help you identify the right platform for your next project.

React js vs Vue js web

Community support

The community support of React is massive. Developers get access to several tutorials to help them in coding. React JS library is supported by Facebook.

An initiative by crowdfunding provides support for the Vue JS library. The community is fast expanding for Vue JS.



React’s documentation entails more sophisticated components but in terms of structure, it lags behind Vue JS. With Vue, you get comprehensive documentation for their APIs.


React requires to access other libraries whereas Vue JS has it all included. For administration, React JS development services leverages all auxiliary workarounds. Vue js comes with an assistant library.


Talking of performance, both frameworks are highly efficient. Both React and Vue have server-side working capabilities such as rendering. In the case of Vue, rendering is inclusive of all the components utilized. In terms of speed, the size of the application is a major variable.


With React, you can import various libraries for the features you want to have. Usually, it is ideal for applications with more than one page. Vue JS on the other hand is perfect for interactive development. You can scale up existing pages to Vue JS.

Final words

Both frameworks are best suitable for modern applications. However, for mobile application development, cross-platform app development, AR/VR apps, React is the best. Modus Suisse is the best React JS development company in Switzerland to address your development needs with the right solutions.

If MVP’s or SPA’s is the development goal, opt for Vue JS. For more detailed insights, get in touch with us.