Modus Suisse

How much should you pay for web hosting services? We’re all too familiar with the experience of being overcharged.

There’s an old story of the ship that has been stuck in harbour for weeks. There is a problem, but engineers cannot solve it. The captain calls in an expert. After speaking with the engineers, the expert goes into the engine room, takes out a hammer, and thumps one of the pipes running through the chamber. He tells the captain – “It’s fixed. Start her up.” The captain issues the instruction, and the engine starts without any problem. The captain is ecstatic, and asks the expert for the bill – which is $10,000. A little taken aback, the captain asks for the detail of the billing. The expert explains, $1 for hitting the pipe, $9,999 for knowing which pipe to hit.

The IT experts have turned this joke into a problem. Initially, web hosting services appear to be very inexpensive. They are often advertised at under $3.00 per month for the basic service. The basic service is what is called “shared hosting”. Multiple users share the same resources, and this is a good solution, at first.

Then you get a notice from the service provider “Your requirements are exceeding your set limits.” You have not made any changes, and volumes of data and traffic have not changed dramatically. They recommend that you upgrade to a VPS server. This is considerably more expensive. But, you will be informed, you have far greater performance, and much more flexibility. But there are other things that change too. Management of a VPS server requires either a specific control panel, which is another charge, often exceeding the price of the VPS server itself, or a managed server service, which costs even more.

So what started out costing you $3.00 per month is now costing you closer to $40. You don’t appear to have much choice if your business is starting to take off.

But you do.

At modus suisse, we offer the clients of our development service a high performance VPS server with 4Gb of memory, and 100Gb of SSD storage for $9.99 per month. We will set up the server according to your requirements, including the web-site, DNS, email and website. We will also assist with the registration of the domain name, if required.

As a modus suisse client, the experience will be a joy, in the knowledge that all your IT needs are in the hands of professionals who you can trust.