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Predict Student’s Emotional State of Mind

AI system predicts the well-being score of students by analysing various parameters. So schools can take timely actions to help students improve their mental health.
Predict Student’s Emotional State of Mind

The Challenge

An Australia IT company had a challenging requirement: to determine the emotional state of students at a school and with the objective of determining emotional state on academic achievement and assist students accordingly.

The Objective

Develop a behavioural analysis tool to improve the performance of the scholars leveraging deep learning technology and assist students to achieve their full potential..

Project Process

Find out the design solution.


Specification Specifying the functions needed together with our customer


Web design & Wireframe


Web development, coding


Testing and bug fixing


Publishing website on server

App Features

The Behaviour analysis tool is highly effective, providing a detailed analysis of scholars’ activities, and alerting the faculty about the state of mind of students.

The system includes a questionnaire designed to asses the student’s mood and their study material preferences.

A student’s behaviour history is extremely useful for the faculty and is invaluable during parents/teacher meetings providing an exact record about of the student behaviour.

This is a highly beneficial tool, recording various activities and providing an assessment of the mental state of the student, helping students to retain a positive outlook and maximise their potential.

This tool records student behaviour in real-time in the schools classrooms, the cafeteria, to the hallways and common areas.

The application records the observations and responses and assign the statistical scores for important criteria including the physical, mental, and emotional state of the student.

The systems alerts the teachers when scores fall below the threshold, activating additional counselling


This tool has extremely useful especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when the physical interaction between teachers and students was very limited.
Predict Student’s Emotional State of Mind