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NLP based Auto Question Generation Application

Application for Pharmacies to schedule & manage the Covid-19 Vaccination and Covid-19 tests.
NLP based Auto Question Generation Application

The Challenge

US-based Edtech wanted a simple education platform that allows students and teachers to interact using AI.

The Objective

Develop an advanced learning tool leveraging NLP to simplifying and improving the learning process for students, teachers, and lifetime learners.

Project Process

Find out the design solution.


Specification Specifying the functions needed together with our customer


Web design & Wireframe


Web development, coding


Testing and bug fixing


Publishing website on server

App Features

The system comprehends the passage and generates the questions in different desired forms including as filling in the blanks, true/false, multiple choice, and brief questions.

In a very simple format, the student is able to perform a self-assessment. A file is uploaded, from which the system requests a few selected keywords for the quiz which the student is required to answer.

The system allows user to share/save the generated questions.

In addition, the solution accepts input as passage/text in image, text, video, and audio to generating a range of questions.

Simultaneously the system creates a database of questions and answers to the benefit of fboth learners and teachers.


The AI-powered system automated learning and made it simpler for both teachers and students.
NLP based Auto Question Generation Application