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Human Fall Detection

Modus Suisse developed a hardware and software solution using sensor network and IoT to recognise a fall, crucial to caregivers and loved ones because falling is a frequent common events with elderly and/or weak patients.
Human Fall Detection

The Challenge

Build a device that detects human falls in real-time in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Objective

A hardware and software-based fall detector that alerts caregivers and family members when an elderly and/or weak patient falls.

Project Process

Find out the design solution.


Specification Specifying the functions needed together with our customer


Web design & Wireframe


Web development, coding


Testing and bug fixing


Publishing website on server

App Features

The Fall detector includes an IoT component, a camera with Raspberry pi and the software.

The movement of pets does not trigger alerts. Alerts are only generated when a human fall is detected.

Application of the fall detector extends beyond family household usage to hospitals and care facilities where multiple patients can be monitored.

The solution observes the living area from a selected point and detects the movement of humans.

Privacy is secure with only the fall detection alert being recorded. Visuals from the cameral are not stored.

It is also a vital tool for seniors living independently providing reassurance to caregivers and family alike.


The system is able to detect falls and allows caregivers and families to provide safe care to weak and/or elderly patients.