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Health, Mindfulness and Relaxation App

AI-enabled mobile app platform that provides the user a complete set of contextual intelligence associated with stressful moments so the user can learn what, where, and when to change and apply mindfulness to improve overall health and wellbeing.
Health, Mindfulness and Relaxation App

The Challenge

Most wearable devices today come with some type of Heart Rate (HR) measurement capacity but most fail to provide any relevant contextual information associated with HR alerts. Further, the users need an abundance of different HR-related information to determine causes or patterns and make appropriate lifestyle changes.

The Objective

To develop an application that provide a comprehensive set of contextual information around the moment of HR irregularity so the user can review for possible causes of his/her own mental aggravation and work towards the behavioral changes.

Project Process

Find out the design solution.


Specification Specifying the functions needed together with our customer


Web design & Wireframe


Web development, coding


Testing and bug fixing


Publishing the app in the App store

App Features

Understand the common factors between multiple stressful moments and learn to preserve mindfulness.

AI-Enabled predictive alerts and prompted actions in similar situations to prevent a stressful situation.

Instant stress relief through automatic handling of immediate tasks at hand. Traffic? Late for a meeting? Pauser will inform your team!

Meditation and Yoga programs, Breathing exercises.

A stand-alone mobile app, Embedded experience with healthcare provider’s existing apps, and Custom-label app for Corporate wellness programs.

HR data from the user’s fitness device (Fitbit, AppleWatch, Oura, Garmin).

Accurate predictive alerts through an incentive-based user feedback loop.

Easy daily tracking of mindfulness through AI-enabled assessment of HR variations to indicate how the user is handling stressful situations.

GDPR and HIPPA compliant.


The application was a breakthrough in the healthcare sector. Heart patients found it extremely helpful leading to increasing adoption of the application users.