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Covid-19 Vaccination & Covid-19 Test Scheduler

Application for Pharmacies to schedule & manage the Covid-19 Vaccination and Covid-19 tests.
Covid-19 Vaccination & Covid-19 Test Scheduler

The Challenge

In the critical days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the vaccination process uncoordinated and in chaos. Streamlining and automating the process had become the most urgent priority.

The Objective

The need was the development of a booking portal to assist pharmacies with scheduling and managing COVID-19 vaccinations and tests.

Project Process

Find out the design solution.


Specification Specifying the functions needed together with our customer


Web design & Wireframe


Web development, coding


Testing and bug fixing


Publishing website on server

App Features

The web portal gives pharmacies a user-friendly dashboard to view various areas of vaccination and testing.

The portal also allows users to book

Managing patient details is simple. Complete patient vaccination details can be monitored within the portal.

It allows them to add and remove vaccination products with complete details.

Authorised users can view the appointment list.

Locations and vaccination waitlists are accessible to managers.


A crises was averted. Managing patients and the vaccination process became simple, efficient and accurate.
Covid-19 Vaccination & Covid-19 Test Scheduler